The PetCare Company is a family-owned and operated pet store located in Hermosa Beach, California. We've been here since 1991.


Our mission is to create a warm and inviting environment where talented professionals are available to serve and teach the community about proper pet care.

Our goal is to provide the very best this industry has to offer; including herbal remedies, raw foods (as well as superior dry name brands), handmade treats from our pet bakery, and professionally trained Groomers.

Our staff is selected specifically for their enthusiasm and their desire to learn and practice the very best in pet care. They may not know each customer's name, but they work to know the names of everyone's pets.

Our pet-friendly store covers 7,500 feet, with more than 10,000 items to choose from for your dog, cat, bird, reptile and small animals. Our pet store is surprisingly odor-free. We use state of the art air cleaners to disinfect and create a healthy environment for our pets and staff.


We take pride in the awards earned, both from our industry and community. The PetCare Company is a demonstration of our dedication to pets, families, our community, and is truly an extension of our lives.

We look forward to your visit and thank you for viewing our site.



Lewis began working in the pet industry in 1979 and has a wealth of knowledge to share. His training as a teacher enables him to treat the store as his classroom and staff as his students. Our staff is trained to assist customers with a courteous attitude and responsible information -- if they don't know they answer, "I don't know, but I'll find out" is our company motto. Being a reliable resource to our customers (human and otherwise) is our duty. We often have guest trainers as well as regular all-staff training to ensure our sales staff is the very best!


Our fund raising activities include assisting a number of local schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, The Hermosa Chamber of Commerce, churches and groups such as Los Angeles Search and Rescue, The Wellness Group (Fido Walk for Cancer) and Friends of the Park. We are regular participants in the St. Patrick Day weekend celebration, and have had the pleasure of hosting the Pet Fashion Show at the Hermosa Fiesta.


We write a monthly column for the pet industry's leading publication, and post articles on our site for those in the industry as well as pet owners. Paula and Lewis write as a team covering a wide variety of topics along with product and protocol recommendations. National feedback to their column has been very positive and they regular respond to requests for more in-depth information. Click here to see the articles.


We like to consider our store as a "hub". Our reference lists may be small, but superb with information they provide. Members of our pack include:



Harbor Animal Hospital:

2078 Torrance Blvd., Torrance. 310-328-3733. www.harboranimalhospital.com. Specialists are on staff to care for birds, small animals, dogs and cats.

Brian Lee:

www.caninecounseling.com 310-543-0375. Brian's philosophy, approach and technique enable the dog owner to see the world through their pet's eyes. With this understanding, training becomes a cooperative process that is more enjoyable and results in a more positive outcome. Brian is famous for his "Puppy Parties" (not the kind with hats and bone-shaped cakes), which provide your pup with a valuable opportunity to learn vital socialization skills. You have to be there to fully appreciate these wonderful afternoons!

VIP (Very Important Pets):

310-791-1602. Kristy Danache (there's an accent over the e) offers superb pet sitting, dog walking and overnight care. You've probably seen her on the Strand, strategically navigating five or six dogs for an afternoon beach walk. Kristy's care and understanding of dog and cat behavior helps reduce the stress for both you and your loved ones.